Commercial Painting


Priming/Painting: We provide clean cut lines where the wall meets the ceiling as well as our guarantee that there will be no paint anywhere it doesn't belong. When repainting old walls we also make sure any caulking and patching is done before we paint. For new construction we recommend one coat of primer and two finish coats of paint for best final appearance.

Staining/Sealing: We stain and varnish casing and base, interior doors, windows, wood ceilings, or any wood in your business or office. We can custom match the stain color to ensure uniformity throughout your office, even on different species of wood. This process usually involves one coat of wood conditioner on softer woods, one coat of stain, one coat of sanding sealer, and one final finish coat of varnish. This process always leaves a uniform and very smooth finish.

Re-painting a business that is open: We always work around your schedule.Our goal is to complete the job quickly so your business will be impacted as little as possible.


Priming/Painting: We always make sure surface is clean and ready for paint. Any loose paint is removed and appropriate primers and high quality paints are used to ensure the best possible surface adhesion. We work hard to keep the ground around your business as clean as possible as well as taking care not to damage landscaping around your building or office.

Staining: On previously stained siding we make sure the siding is thouroughly cleaned. This involves pressure washing, bleaching, and wood brightening where needed. Our goal is to give your old siding a new as possible appearance. We always apply the recommended number of coats that each particular stain calls for. There are many different types of stain, some are one coat applications, some two, and some three. We will help you decide which one best fits your building.

Pressure Washing Pressure washing is often part of the paint/stain prep process but we also offer it as a service for cleaning dirt and bugs off of exterior siding or other buildings on your property.